Use of Short Tail Keywords

Short Tail KeywordsWhat methods do you employ when looking for information online.  Does your search include typing the whole information, or keying in one word?  Using a single word from the main sentence to search for information is referred to as short tail keywords.  When an internet user types more than two words in the search, then it becomes long tail keywords.  The two use of keywords is used more often to direct traffic to a site.

Tips for use of short tail keyword.

Here are tips that can help when using short tail keyword.  Pick a word that relates to your kind of business.  Pick an example of a learning website where different languages are virtually taught.  You can pick one of the language taught and use it as a short tail keyword, e.g. French language.   Know how to differentiate between short and long tail keywords.   If you intend to use the short tail keywords, avoid using more than one keyword as that will translate to a long tail keyword.  Guideline three is the use of a simple, easy to pronounce and write keyword.   An internet user does not bother typing a difficult keyword during the search, something that will affect the traffic on your site.  Read more about short tail keywords or read more usage tips now.

What are the advantages of using short tail keyword?

Short tail keyword use is able to target and reach a wider range of audience.  In return, the site experiences a huge traffic, meaning the sales increases.

The shortcomings of short tail keyword.

One disadvantage of using the short tail keywords is that the whole campaign may not reach the targeted audience.  A bigger percentage of the traffic to the site could be from the wrong audience, and therefore, affecting the predicted result.  Take an example of a company selling office furniture and use the short tail keyword as ‘furniture’.  The keyword will direct the audience who search for ‘furniture; to the site, but not specifically office furniture.   You will also find that different companies are running the same campaign at the same time.  Use of the same short tail keyword with the competitor will mean a distributed traffic share.   There is no assurance that your site will be ranked at the top on the search engine.

Another con is the huge competition on the use of short tail keywords, compared to long tail keywords use.  Take an example of such a short tail keyword ‘car dealer’.  The search results of any search engine will give several results.   The many results may not have your car dealer company ranked among the top, thus little effects on your campaign.  But when the online user search for ‘car dealer in town A’ the search results will give car dealers within the specific town. For more SEO tips, visit


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